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PE-X pipes provide significant advantages compared to metal pipes. There are no problems with aggressive waters, flow noises, corrosion or deposits. Thanks to their low weight, they are easy to lay and are ideal for all warm water applications. Our customers profit from more than 30 years of practical experience with PE-X pipes. We guarantee decade-long safety, constant high quality and problem-free use in all areas of application.

Becker Plastics provides electron beam crosslinked (PE-Xc) products .

Quality monitoring before, during and after production ensures that Becker Plastics only delivers plastic pipes that correspond to the highest standards.


  • very good creep strength
  • max. operating loads: 95 °C and 6 bar, 110 °C for short periods
  • excellent thermal ageing stabilisation, meaning no damage caused by thermooxidative ageing
  • resistance against tension crack formation
  • chemical resistance against additives and inhibitors added to the heating water
  • can be deployed in cold conditions
  • corrosion resistance
  • can be deployed endlessly
  • high tear and abrasion resistance
  • high cold impact strength
  • smooth inner surfaces, meaning low pressure loss and no incrustations

Areas of application

  • Underfloor heating
  • Radiator heating
  • Wall heating
  • Sanitary installations
  • Thermal comfort floor
  • Air conditioning systems

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