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Company history

Becker Plastics GmbH, Datteln (North Rhine-Westphalia), is a leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and pipe systems in Europe. In 1998, Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG based in Dautphetal (Hesse) purchased the company.

Becker Plastics was originally part of the Becker-Pruente Group based in Datteln (North Rhine-Westphalia). The Becker-Pruente Group was founded in 1911 and produced metal products (wire, chains) as well as machines, primarily for applications in the fields of mining and agriculture. The headquarters of the Becker-Pruente Group was initially located in Castrop-Rauxel but constructed their first production hall in Datteln in 1923 as a result of necessary production expansions.

In association with declining turnover opportunities in the field of mining, the Becker-Pruente Group searched for new business fields. The decision was made to procure the first extrusion line for plastic pipes that formed the basis for a new production sector, from which Becker Plastics GmbH emerged.

Significant milestones at a glance

1979 Start of production of premium polypropylene pipes for underfloor heating.
1985 Production of PP pipes for the automotive industry.
1986 Production of premium, electron beam crosslinked polyethylene pipes for underfloor heating and installation systems.
1992 Foundation of Becker Plastics GmbH.
1994 Production of polypropylene pipes with aluminium casing for drinking water installations in the home. The foundation for dealing with composite materials (plastic and metal) was laid.
1998 Complete takeover by Roth Industries GmbH & Co. KG after 25 % of shares were already purchased from Becker Plastics in 1995. Commissioning of the first laser welding plant for the production of plastic aluminium composite pipes with the butt welding procedure. Expansion of the production halls for the plastic pipe production.
2000 Development of the coextruded inline 5-layer plastic pipe technology.
2001 Expansion of the range to include components for pipe systems.
2002 Start of production of the 3-layer stainless steel composite pipes.
2004 First inline composite pipe production.
2006 Reorganisation of the in-house logistics and the purchase of a further premises and warehouse.
2007 Construction of a new production hall with 2,000 m2 for the expansion of the production capacities. Optimisation of the polypropylene production leads to an increase in capacity. Polypropylene production run-out in 2012.
2008 Production of overlapped laser welded composite pipes with inline prefabricated base pipe.
2010 Inclusion of the "Fast-PE-Xa" series production (PE-X in chemical cross linking). Pilot production of 5-layer stainless steel composite pipes. Production run-out in 2013
2013 Restructuring of the shop floor and introduction of a central automatic coiling and packaging work station.
2015 Commissioning of a second laser welding to increase the reproducible process quality.

Today, Becker Plastics has established itself as one of the five largest European pipe manufacturers of standard and special plastic pipe solutions in Europe. With comprehensive know-how with regard to materials and procedures, Becker Plastics has become a partner for numerous system customers. The company is in the position to quickly and flexibly implement the special customer-specific requirements into respective product solutions. Becker Plastics has qualified staff and equipment on hand to permanently ensure the necessary product qualities.


Becker Plastics GmbH   
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Becker Plastics GmbH  
Am Bahnhof 3
D-45711 Datteln
T : +49 2363 7330 0
F: +49 2363 7330 14
E-Mail: zentrale(at)becker-plastics.de

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